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As a globetrotter, travelling all over the world, for the past nine years, I've realised that, what I want, is to follow my own dreams. 

It was a random day, when I got scouted by the photographer. That's how I got in touch with all the glamour and splendour of the fashion industry. Just kidding... it started way different than that. 

Soon afterwards my life drastically changed. I started to travel in between all big fashion capitals and enjoying nomadic lifestyle. Exploring new places, cultures, meeting interesting people and working abroad, broadened my horizons.

In the past few years I’ve learned that everyday is a gift so we have to make the most out of every opportunity that is given to us.

What truly makes me happy is living healthy, working hard, listening to music and all the people that bring a new meaning to my life.
I came to the conclusion, that the most I can give, is to be myself.

So get on board and start exploring with me :)

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