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Who would have thought that life will turn in such a strange direction?! As everything became so unpredictable, I realised that it is pointless to plan anything much in advance. That's how I've been living life for the past ten years anyway, but this last year even more. The only way to not get dissapointed is to maintain the sense of flexibility and spontaneity of last minute, and that is exactly how I landed in h e a v e n.


Through years of travelling I've got to know Italy from far and wide and I always admire the culture, the sense for food, beauty and everything in between.

I arrived here with very little knowing about the islands... As a proud Slovenian, where we truly admire and appreciate our unspoiled nature, I was almost a bit disinterested in the beginning.

While slowly getting to know the rest of the islands and all other corners of this archipelago, something inside me had started to change. These wild and powerful islands gave me a lot of inspiration and the strong foundation to rebuild myself again.

Dive in, let me show you the beauty through my lens!

This wild life of Filicudi truly got me appreciated the supermarket after coming back to civilisation. My first reaction was... 'but HOW?'

'How am I going to survive without a store?'

'How am I gonna be able to cook?'

'How, how, how...?'

At one point I realised how spoiled we are. We might not have an ingredient or a 'thing' and we would straight away run to the store.

There was truly nothing at all, except one small little market with essentials... and the only bar/restaurant was about to close.

So how did I manage? Just fine. These thoughts slowly faded away as I started to live and appreciated everything that was surrounding me. The magnificent nature, fresh and clean air and incredible sunsets bringing the promise of a new dawn.

I felt so happy in solitude, and I could not imagine a better way to heal the past and welcome the new.

Monte Pilato

Colours, vibrations, strength and force of the nature... it is hard to capture all of that through the lens...


Salina, the romantic feminine...

Big boy Stromboli in his majesty

There's still a lot to explore and discover and I might as well dedicate another post to Aeolian islands. Till then nurture the beauty inside, don't let distractions overwhelm you and appreciate what you have in this single moment!

Keep on dreaming dreamers... xo

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