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Updated: Apr 4, 2022

When I found out about this trip, my first reaction was: 'dateeeeessss!' Don't get me wrong here, I mean those yummy, juicy, full of joy, little pleasures.

Some time ago, the road took me to Tunisia for work.

Our meeting point was in Tunis city, where the team spent a night together. Next day, very early in the morning, we flew to Djerba island where we began shooting the swimwear editorial.

I thought what an easy day that would be, since I would be parading in swimwear on the beach. Ha! Wrong. It was a goddamn c-c-cold! After the whole day spent in swimwear, my whole body was shaking and I was in need for a hot shower and bed. We still had some more days of work, so flu was not an option.

Djerba island

Early in the morning we hit the road again. This time we took jeeps and drove towards Chott el Djerid, large salt lake in southern Tunisia. We took a walk around and discussed shooting locations. After a little break and all the selfies we took around this magical lake, we continued towards Tozeur city, which was also our base for the next two days .

The middle of nowhere

Hello Tozeur!

After the whole day of travelling we arrived in this little oasis called Tozeur. That day, we had a free afternoon - time to relax and recharge.

Since I had a whole afternoon to myself, I went to train and for a little massage afterwards.


The sun was rising and it was our third morning in this still unknown country.

For our third working day, we had locations set all over Tozeur and Chott el Djerid. Shootings on locations are always fun, because it is very diversed. These are also the moments when I feel free in a way - free to wander. You truly get to see all the beautiful little gems of the city/place.

Streets of Tozeur

Handcrafts from palm leafs

The dates I was talking about

Old town Tozur

People of Tozeur

When we were done with the shooting I asked our tour guide for a private tour through Tozeur city. She was more than happy to show me around and gave me many tips about the city and Tunisian people and culture.

Our beautiful trip was slowly coming to an end... That night we supposed to fly back to Tunis where we would sleep over. Because of the strike in the country, we didn't know if we will be able to get on that flight. Our guide was on the line with the airport till the very last minute, so when we finally got the green light, we took our bags and literally run to the airport. I mean, who would like to be stuck in the middle of the desert in Tunisia?!


We arrived safely back to Tunis. My flight was in a five hours so I went straight to bed. Full of emotions I said goodbye to the team <3 Ohh, what an experience!

Till next time... xo

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